SafeRecycling RS7

Cash Recycler for Combined Cash Deposit and Dispensing

The SafeRecycling RS7 accepts, recycles and dispenses cash in one convenient solution.
You can quickly and securely fill, replenish and reconcile cash drawers.
The back-office solution is ideal for large supermarkets, shopping malls or exhibition centers where many small traders operate.


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Decrease Shrinkage

Keeping cash locked away and efficient cash processes will decrease shrinkage


Easy Reconciliation

Funds are automatically counted and authenticated, and a receipt is issued.



Continuously track the real-time cash level of each safe with ZEN Monitoring Software


Complete self-service cash management made easy

The SafeRecycling RS7 is a self-service cash recycling system that combines depositing and dispensing capabilities in one convenient solution. You can quickly and securely fill, replenish and reconcile tills. Since notes can be withdrawn and deposited, you benefit from a closed cash cycle, resulting in less emptying and filling machines, and lower administrative costs.

The RS7 is supported by proven technologies for note and coin recyclers that were used in the bank sector. It has been specifically designed for the back-office areas of big retail outlets.



Recycling Features

The RS7 is designed to fully equip retail staff with tills that can be restocked
during the day and reconciled in the evening with speed and accuracy.

The RS7 is particularly suited to large supermarkets, shopping malls and entertainment venues such as casinos, arenas and stadiums.

The configuration is a pure cash-in or cash-out terminal, combined
cash-in/cash-out terminal or full recycler, or can be used to exchange notes for
smaller or larger denominations

Counterfeit rejection: optical, ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic sensors that
remove suspect money and poor quality notes from circulation

ZEN Software Suite

Take full control of your cash handling processes with the modular ZEN software suite

ZEN gives you business analytics and reporting, data sharing, service monitoring, end-to-end cash reconciliation, multi-device connectivity and in-store optimisation of cash processes.

Be one with your business.



Sorting Speed: 700 coins/second
Sorting Capacity: Up to 6 hoppers
Coin Capacity: 10,700 coins + overflow of up to 10,000 coins
Dispensing Speed: Up to 24 coins/second simultaneously
Coin Dispensing: Coins are sorted by denomination into separate coin bowls and stored in a lockable drawer
Feeder Capacity: Single note deposit
Note Bundle: Up to 300 notes/deposit (multiple deposits) continuous feed
Recycling Capacity: Up to 8 denominations
Banknote Capacity: 5 cassettes between 2250-3400 notes each, up to 17,000 notes (depending on configuration)
Availability: 24/7 self-service
Operation: Freestanding
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 29.2" x 36.3" x 36"
Weight:1300 lbs.


Datasheet SafeRecycling R7/RS7

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