SafeRecycling TCR7

Note Recycler for Cash Deposit, Dispensing and Storage

The SafeRecycling TCR7 accepts, validates, recycles, dispenses and stores banknotes at the point of each transaction.

The frontline solution is ideal for banks and credit unions of all sizes.



Increase Efficiency

Processing front-office cash transactions takes seconds not minutes or hours.


Reduce Cost

Automated cash recycling cuts the costs associated with manually handling cash.

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Satisfy Customers

Fewer cash-related processes requiring less time allows teller to deliver a superior customer experience.


Drive fast and efficient cash processing

The TCR7 offers full-service automated note recycling to increase security, efficiencies and cost control in your branch operations. Adapted to under-counter
installation, it provides an efficient frontline cash management solution for fast and secure banknote processing.

Using a cassette-based intelligent system, notes are instantly registered, counted, deposited, stored and dispensed at the point of each transaction. No more manual counting, dual controls, cash drawer limits, or trips back and forth to the main vault.

For added security, the TCR7 detects and rejects counterfeit notes back to the teller for evaluation.


Product Features

- Automatically count, validate, sort, dispense and store multiple banknotes
- Accelerate cash transactions at drive-up and over-the-counter
-  Process up to 3,400 notes per cassette and 2,250 notes per split cassette for a maximum of 8 different denominations
-  Store and recycle cash for up to 17,000 notes into five cassettes
- Scan and recognize up to 10 notes per second of various security features
- Store the notes' serial numbers for added security
- Store cash in a UL-291 certified safe
- Eliminate the need to manually count the content of each cassette
- Integrate cash recycling into existing teller applications for transparent use across bank operations

Kemba Credit union

"Efficiencies have improved and we are much faster to respond to members"

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Counting Speed: Up to 10 notes/second
Note Feeding Capacity: Continuous feed of notes with no cash limit
Recycling Capacity: Up to 8 denominations
Banknote Capacity: 5 cassettes with a maximum of 2250 notes/split cassette and 3400 notes/full cassette. Total capacity up to 16,400 notes (depending on configuration)
Operations: Freestanding
Dimensions (H x W x D): 33.49" x 17" x 36.18"
Weight: 1019 lbs. (empty)
Options: 9" base


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Brochure Cash Recyling for Credit Unions

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