SecureCash Deluxe/Deluxe Plus

Front-Office Under-Counter Note Deposit System


The SecureCash Deluxe/Deluxe Plus with single and dual-note acceptors automates and processes low to moderate volumes of cash, delivering increased security and efficiencies in daily transactions.

Perfect for retailers seeking to reduce cash exposure, while improving security for staff and customers.



Same Day Credit

Cash is registered automatically and  credited to your bank account within the same business day.



Keeping cash locked away and out of sight greatly reduces the temptation for robbery

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Easy to use

Freeing up your employees to spend less time on cash handling and more time engaging customers

User Features

- Ability to share between two point-of-sale terminals
- Easy serviceability through front access panel
- Front-office, under-the-counter solution
- Intuitive touch screen and receipt printer
- Multiple bundles in one transaction possible
- Less back-office administration
- Real-time software monitoring, data export and reporting
- Same-day crediting possible (bank cooperation is required)
- Complete transaction transparency
- Data hosting available
- Tube dispenser, sidecars and pedestals available
- iButton optional
- Electronic lock optional


Tube Dispenser Features:

- Integrated with the Gunnebo Deposit product range
- Set dispense limit for maximum withdrawals by transaction or business day
- Time delays between dispenses, set at the system level or by the user
- Eight columns of tubes each for an 80-tube capacity
- Dispenses rolled coin, loose coin and notes in tubes
- Automatic count as you load and dispense
- Ability to buy change or dispense on credit

ZEN Software Suite

Take full control of your cash handling processes with the modular ZEN software suite

ZEN gives you business analytics and reporting, data sharing, service monitoring, end-to-end cash reconciliation, multi-device connectivity and in-store optimisation of cash processes.

Be one with your business.



Availability: 24/7 service Single note deposit
Operation: Free-standing front-load and service, staff operated
Note Acceptors: 1 (Deluxe)/2 (Deluxe Plus)
Deposit Capacity: Bundle up to 30 notes (multiple deposits possible)
Deposit Speed: 2.5 notes/second
Cassette Capacity: 1200 or 2200 notes, up to 2 cassettes/device
Dimensions: (L x W x H):
Deluxe: 24.50 x 10.20 x 17.99 in.
Deluxe Plus: 24.50 x 12.25 x 17.99 in.
Tube Dispenser: 28.50 x 13.50 x 24.625 in.
Deluxe/Deluxe Plus: 100 lbs./115 lbs. 
Tube Dispenser: 278 lbs.
Options: Tube Dispenser

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